Why Use Aluminium?

Because it’s awesome

You can produce very intricate shapes incorporating features that aid assembly and end product function

Awesome aluminium extrusions by INAL

Aluminium extrusions are available in a size range of 3mm CCD up to about 700mm CCD. Many features can be incorporated into the section, screw ports for fitting end plates, linear threads, fins for cooling, T slots, gasket grooves, ball and socket joints for hinging and many more

It is strong

There are certain alloys that can achieve tensile of over 85,000 PSI and aluminium can be alloyed to give a wide range from low middle to high ultimate tensile

Ideal for fabrication and machining

Aluminium machines very well particularly in certain alloy groups and forms well subject to alloy temper and geometry.  If in doubt ask

Can be toleranced to suit fit and function

Clip fits, hinge fits, slide fits etc. are common-place in aluminium extrusion design.  Whilst extrusion tolerances are quite forgiving, placing the emphasis on fit and function is the surest way to achieve the perfect fit

Can be finished in many ways

From anodising, colour anodising, architectural anodising, chemical brightening and powder coating, the available finishes are many fold

It is lightweight with a high strength to weight ratio

This makes it the chosen material of so many market sectors from aviation to cranes through to simple retail hanging rails

It is non-combustible

As well as being non-combustible it produces no dangerous emissions when heated

It is reflective and electrically conductive

By volume aluminium is over 60% more effective as a conductor than copper.  It is 80% reflective

It can be joined in many ways

It can we mechanically fixed in many ways, welded soldered brazed and bonded to name a few

It has comparatively short lead times compared with other processes

In most products the aluminium extruded part is on the shortest lead-time

It is non-toxic, non-magnetic and non-sparking

This makes it the ideal material in incendiary or explosive areas and applications where exposure to these may be prevelant

Oh and its awesome