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Our rising stars

Fantastic work at college from Pete Leonard and Jack Gibson two of our super talented HOME GROWN CNC programmers. Doing things like this makes engineering cool and appealing to the next generation of Petes and Jacks, which is very much what we need. Jack programmed the part and it took over 21/2 hours to machine giving them both a great insight into tooling capability feeds and speeds. Great job chaps, we’re proud of you..

Well done Derek…

Fantastic to recognise one of our outstanding employees in his latest achievement. Derek Wallwork joined us as a temp worker just a few short years ago, but with his drive, commitment, attitude and ability, progressed on to CNC programming, which is no small leap. This week Derek successfully completed his NQA ISO 9001-2015 QMS essentials auditing course, showing again he is up to any challenge, and we are all very proud of him. It is always great to see talent fulfilled…

Sign of the times

With more and more important customers visiting the site it was about time we emblazoned our logo on a feature wall. A big thank you to our great friends at Envision Media in Skelmersdale for doing such a great job so quickly.

World Aluminium Day Reflections

World aluminium day…reflections

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in aluminium (extrusions) for over 50 years. In this time starting from the lowest entry position, I’ve been a director of an extruder, a stockholder and a processor which makes me unique within the 000’s currently working in the UK aluminium industry.

My fascination with aluminium extrusions began in the longest harshest winter on record. I was 7 in 1963 it was the year the snow never went away, and it was way before you could buy a ready-made sledge from Tesco for three quid. If you wanted one you made it yourself or got your dad to do it. As my dad worked on the shopfloor of an extruder he had access to aluminium extrusions, thus mine was adorned with aluminium runners (originally destined for Harrison Drape as curtain track) but doctored to a level worthy of “Cool Runnings.” It was the then equivalent of the current Formula 1 DRS.

I was then photographed by the local newspaper going down Crouch Hill with everyone in my wake. Years on after I had done a speech at an Al Fed event in the Lords one of the Lords who lived in the adjacent county recalled the photo.

Over the years there have been quantum changes in the industry there are now just a fraction of the extruders from when I started, names such as Alcan, Midland Extruders, Ashley Aluminium, Almetex, James Booth, and many more now long gone. There have been huge advances in die making, die design, alloys, finishes, inspection, production methods and e`iciency. Indeed, there was no mention of sustainability back in the day, but now it is rightly one of the defining mainstays of our industry.

Throughout all this time the Al Fed have been a constant. It has been transformative in recent years in how it engages more conceptually with its members and the students and design engineers who in time will be the next generation of specifiers. I was proud to play a part in this, supporting many Al Fed events during the “noughties” and long may it continue this path.

There are always threats to aluminium, we would be unwise to ignore the potential that composites o`er and the rise in nano technology, but as an industry we remain in great shape, I believe, ready for all the challenges.

I’ve worked with amazing people over the years (thank you Liz at Inal in particular) I often introduce us as the Phil and Holly of aluminium though since his fall from grace I am currently rethinking this!

I’m enjoying the final chapter of my long and undistinguished career working with the Sherwood Group one of the few places where the owners, both industry titans, are older than me (thank you Paul and Terry). From winning awards to working with Apple, to speaking at the The House of Lords, to being held at gun point by the IRA, it’s been a journey….

UB Plastics Ltd

Nearly a century ago, the seeds of UB Plastics (named after Uncle Bill) were sown in Burton.

Our humble beginnings can be traced back to crafting bungs and stoppers for traditional wooden beer barrels. From these foundational roots, we’ve grown to become a leading name in the injection plastic moulding industry, working with incredible brands around the world.

Situated on a sprawling 1.7-acre site in the heart of Burton, UB Plastics is a formidable player in the specialist plastic moulding industry. Our state-of-the-art machinery can output 100 million parts a year ranging from a precise 3mm to an expansive 400mm.

35 skilled employees help us keep 23 product lines working, handling work from 30t to 220t.

Please take a look at:


Boom…and the investment continues

Sherwood Group continue to invest in our Manchester site. We have just commissioned the second JIH saw which will see our daily sawing capacity increase to beyond 20k cuts, the majority close tolerance. With an increasing amount of material being supplied cut intensively machined and finished, this is another huge step forward in our plans for continuing to grow the business. Onwards and upwards in 2024.

It’s Christmas time…

Our fabulous Ellie took time away from her machine operating duties this week to raise the bar “ding dong merrily on high” in the annual Sherwood Group Christmas tree dressing competition. Ellie chose a more traditional colour theme this year with a reversal to golds reds and greens leaving our other group companies in her wake. Ellie we salute you!


Our delivery driver come roving ambassador Mark Ridgway ready for action with his newly liveried wagon. Mark has proved to be very popular with many customers since he joined us, and even with some of his colleagues …Mark Ridgway more deliveries than Santa Claus!

In-house plastic injection moulding

Find out more about the new plastic injection moulding capability available through our parent company Sherwood Group.

15th September, 2023

At the end of 2022 we completed the acquisition of Burton based plastic moulding business UB Plastics and we’ve been busy incorporating them into the Sherwood Group of companies.

UB Plastics has been a supplier to Sherwood for many years, delivering millions of parts annually into our construction and fenestration customers.

Based in Burton with strong brewing sector roots, the business now manufactures and ships over 100 million parts a year, exporting to all five continents to customers at the very top of their industries.

We’re now in a position to share more about what is available to our customers across the group below.

Key facts:

  • Established 1983
  • Location Burton upon Trent
  • Employees 35
  • Site 1.7 acres
  • Products 100m + individual plastic parts annually
  • Sectors Brewery, food and drink, construction
  • Market 75% UK, 25% export

Capacity and capability:

  • No of machines 23 state of the art injection moulding machines
  • Capacity 30t to 220t
  • Machine OEMs Battenfield, Borche, Chen Hsong, Demag, Haitian, Negri Bossi, Romi and Sandretto.
  • Tooling size (min) 130mm x 130mm approx
  • Tooling size (max) 550mm x 550mm approx
  • Product size (min) 3mm
  • Product size (max) 400mm
  • In mould labelling for food and beverage and wider industry packaging from 1 label up to 12 labels for multi impression tooling.

Robots suppliers:

  • Universal 6 Axis, Geiger 3 Axis Full Servo and ATM 3 Axis Full Servo.

Main polymer suppliers:

  • Distrupol, Resinex, Plastribution.

Main materials:

  • ABS, nylon, polypropylene, polypropylene, Polystyrene, TPE.
  • We’d love to discuss the opportunities UB Plastics can bring to what we are already providing you.
  • And we’re happy to look at re-estimating current provision and prototyping to see if we can make a difference.

Get in touch, including the word Plastic in your message here.