Frequently Asked Questions

How much are dies

Dies vary hugely dependent on size.  At the low end you can be looking at as little as £1000.00 to £1500.00

Is the die mine?

No you own exclusive rights to its use (the hole in the middle if you like).  Unlike other forms of tooling, injection mouldings die castings etc, which are portable extrusion tooling isn’t, hence only a part cost is ever paid

What about minimum quantities?

These too can vary subject to the overall size of the sections.  Smaller sections have relatively inexpensive MQ’s very large sections over 15-20 kgm significantly higher.  In reality you can have an inch or a mile, you’re going to pay a premium for a very small quantity

Can I have a sample?

Yes, there are some options here. If you need a short piece quickly, we can wire erode, 3D print or machine from solid subject to the length required.  If the sample has to come from the tooling this takes slightly longer

What about tolerances?

Extrusions aren’t known for precise tolerances.  We always welcome a General Assembly drawing as this enables us to design around fit and function.  BS EN755 part 9 are the generally quoted standard, but most companies will offer within these.

We of course have outstanding CMM equipment to ensure compliance with any drawing supplied

What about help on design?

Well we do what we can, we are not design accredited, but will share our extrusion and machining knowledge with you.  We work regularly with people involved in other processes and collaborate regularly to ensure there is no compromise to your product.  Talk to us free on on 0800 027 4756

What should I bear in mind when contemplating using an extrusion?

Ideally go for uniform wall thickness, symmetry and rads on corners.  Other than those and depth to width ratios give us a ring as early as possible, the sooner we’re involved the better it is. Best to ring us as early as possible on 0800 027 4756

What alloy choices are there?

It isn’t so much what alloys are there, but which ones are available at a commercial price within a reasonable time scale that doesn’t carry punitive MQ’s.  6000 series are the most readily available

What about machining?

We have some of the best extrusion machining facilities in the UK up to 8000mm 5 axis, multiple machines and are about to commission a large CNC lathe.

What about finishing options?

Aluminium is receptive to a myriad of finishes all of which we can advise on and supply to.  Ask for more details

Why would we buy from you above an actual extruder?

It is your choice to buy from wherever but there are differences in the type of service on offer.  Extruders are limited to the capacity of their equipment a bit like an insurance company is as opposed to a broker.  They can be less flexible and more volume driven. Judge us on the first point of contact 0800 027 4756