Putting the band back together – Milburn Patterson joins Inal 2020 Ltd as Operations Manager

Sherwood Group were delighted to announce the appointment recently of Milburn Paterson as Operations Manager for Inal 2020 Ltd at its Manchester site.  

Milburn a 37 year veteran of aluminium and manufacturing brings with him a huge range of skills and experience from his time spanning 3 decades as MD of a key aluminium processor, an aluminium extruder, and more recently as CEO of an automotive tier supplier.

Milburn has many contacts over the years with Inal and is very well known to most of the staff, indeed his son Connor joined us as a graduate on NBD earlier in the year, it is like a homecoming in many ways.  Milburn’s knowledge of  troubleshooting, organisation, change management, quality and efficiency are second to none in the industry, and already we can see the difference he has made.

A family man Milburn is married to Kim and has two grown up sons Connor and Kieran, and a dog Pippa which by my maths would make Mil about 4th in the pecking order.  

Born in Scotland a fisherman of some note Milburn is an Everton fan so like many of us knows disappointment pain and hurt but most importantly ambition!

“Making a welcome return to mainstream aluminium as part of the Sherwood Group was an opportunity to good to miss”  said Milburn, and we’re excited to have him.

Milburn pictured with Pippa below…Milburn’s on the right by the way.